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— Personalized Adoptive Cell Therapies —
NeoAntigen-Targeted T Cells Against Cancer

Prospecting Diversity for
Individual Specificity

The plurality of selves

Cancers develop from primary tumors into metastases as uncontrolled cell growth. The genomic mutations that initiate cancer growth and development (truncal mutations) expand in number and diversify over time to include additional mutations. The spectrum of accumulated cancer mutations (neo-antigens) appear to be unique to each cancer patient and absent from healthy cells in the same individual.
Directing one’s T cell immune system to target these neo-antigens and specifically kill cancer cells represents a remarkable opportunity to prospect cancer diversity for individualized specificity. The ground-breaking technology in development at PACT Pharma aims to re-program one’s own immune system to target and to eradicate the cancer. This is the exciting promise of personalized adoptive cell therapy – the future of cancer treatment – intelligently engineered for each cancer patient…
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Personalized Medicine


Immuno-oncology: Neo-Antigens in Cancer

Immuno-oncology (I-O) relates to the recruitment of one’s own immune system for the treatment and eradication of cancer. Remarkable clinical results with…

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Synthesizing the Tsunami of Neo-Epitope Targeted T Cells (Synthetic TILs)

The next wave in immuno-oncology success will depend on initiating highly specific T cell immune recognition of cancers.

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