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At PACT (Personalized Adoptive Cell Therapy), our priority, above all else, is to improve the lives of people living with cancer. Built on visionary science by our co-founders, Nobel Laureate and cell therapy pioneer David Baltimore, Ph.D., Jim Heath, Ph.D., and Antoni Ribas M.D., Ph.D., along with Terry Rosen, Ph.D., and Juan Jaen, Ph.D., the product candidates developed at PACT allow us to specifically identify and validate the patient-specific “neoantigen” targets to develop and provide curative T cell therapies for every person’s unique cancer.

Adoptive cell therapies have delivered impressively on the potential for curative benefit to people diagnosed with hematological (blood) cancers. However, this represents only about 10% of all cancer patients. The remaining 90% of all patients with cancer are diagnosed with solid cancers affecting tissues and organs throughout the body. These solid cancers are to date resistant to the adoptive cell therapy developments that have been so valuable for persons with blood cancers. Tackling these solid cancer challenges with pioneering technologies, PACT is a clinical stage company with the goal to treat each patient with custom tailored TCR-based therapies across a broad range of tumor mutational burdens and solid cancer types.


Our company was founded based upon a deep understanding of T cell biology, cancer immunology, cancer genomics, and clinical translation of visionary science. We have assembled a highly experienced team with significant experience in research, development and manufacturing of cell and gene therapies and in building and growing biotechnology companies.



We’re proud to be backed by a suite of investors dedicated to driving innovation in personalized cancer therapies.


PACT is dedicated to developing and commercializing novel T cell therapies for solid cancer patients. We welcome discussion on strategic collaboration opportunities with companies and academic institutions that share our mission to advance T cell therapies for patients impacted by solid cancers. We believe our novel and pioneering technology, promising clinical programs and strong intellectual property make us a partner of choice.

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